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Stone Carving is A Kind of Talking Art

Jul. 03, 2019

Limestone, dolomite, granite, basalt and other hard rocks are everywhere in our lives. People who have acquired artistic talent and aesthetic taste from the history of stone carving and "stone culture" have learned to discover beauty from these hard stones. They used the knives to cut off the extra parts of the stone so that the beautiful image of "existence" was exposed and revealed.

The exquisite stone seems to be talking. In the alley of a collection of stone carvings, I met such a group of talking stones. There are no people in Xiaogao’s small shop. The display stands are all exquisite and ingenious stone carvings. If people have not entered, they will stop by the glass window. These warm stones will silently emit the luster as if there is a magnetic field attracting people. Quietly enjoy it.

Custom Marble Stone Sculpture

Stones become works after several processes such as blanking, carving, characterization, lighting, and waxing. Ingeniously crafted, it is a myth. Each stone carving is beautiful in shape and vivid in appearance, presenting or exquisitely translucent or pure and elegant or magnificent. Those eager flowers, those mouth-watering fruits, the vigorous branches and vines, the deer horses running and cheering, the eagle pens flying in the wings, the dragons that have turned over the river, the raging landscapes... These treasures are quiet and far-reaching, but they are full of glory. Especially the fine white marble sculpture is more fascinating.

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