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What Are the Raw Materials for Stone Carving?

Aug. 16, 2019

One of the benefits of stone as a finishing material is that it can be coordinated with the surrounding environment. You don't have to color it specifically because the stone is unique and looks very consistent. So what kind of stone should I choose? As a Marble Carved Table Manufacturer, let's explain it to everyone.

1. Limestone-lime has excellent properties such as thermal conductivity, robustness, water absorption, gas impermeability, sound insulation, polishing, good cementation, and processability, and can be directly used for raw ore processing. Whether it is yard design or house decoration, limestone is the best stone, most limestone has a soft appearance, as well as spotted particles. Limestone is an emerging material on the market, but it has been widely used in the field of architectural design, as well as in homes, commercial upholstery, and in the creation of other finished and textured materials.

2. Granite-Granite has a swirling or rain-like grain appearance with a range of colors. Granite is known for its “busy” appearance, but nowadays manufacturers or household heads prefer a popular look, and the reason for the current decline in granite usage may be that the material is slippery. Such as our company's Design Granite Stone Fireplace.

Stone Elephant Sculpture

Stone Elephant Sculpture

3. Marble-marble is somewhat similar in appearance to limestone and will gradually become more beautiful over time, as well as in terms of size, color, material, and workmanship. Our company's Stone Elephant Sculpture is carved in marble.

4. The slab-slab has only been used in billiards for desktops, blackboards and roof tiles. It has only become popular in residential and commercial applications in recent years. The large plates are well-prepared for stone well materials. They are available in many colors and sizes.

5. Travertine is a porous rock, so it is often called travertine. It is usually a marble with holes. It is believed that travertine cannot be used in the decoration of the home, but these holes are perfect after being repaired with cement slurry, and the design can provide a perfect appearance.