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The Meaning of the Stone Lion

Aug. 31, 2019

As a Marble Carved Table Manufacturer, let's talk about the meaning of a stone lion.

The stone lion is very powerful, and it is arrogant and domineering.

Marble Lion Statue

Marble Lion Statue

It fully reflects the majestic self-respect and grandeur of the Chinese nation. It symbolizes a kind of auspiciousness and sacredness. It is the treasure of every enterprise that has an entrepreneurial spirit. In the national culture of China, Shishi has always been a symbol of the people's good fortune and peace. It does not chill the wind and the sun, down to earth, consistently with your loyalty; it is dignified; it is mighty, auspicious, and is regarded as the treasure of the country. This is the true portrayal of Shishi regardless of historical changes, always guarding people's good fortune, no matter when and where, and this can bring a strong resonance to the audience of brand communication.

The stone lion is regarded as the "guardian of the Chinese." The stone was originally cold and has no feelings, but the Marble Lion Statue has always passed on the meaning of good fortune, peace, and harmony.