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Marble Gazebo Manufacturing Process

Jun. 28, 2019

As a Granite Stone Fireplace Supplier, let's share with you the manufacturing process of the stone sculpture Marble Gazebo.

The spatial structure of the stone sculpture Marble Gazebo can be a three-dimensional form, or it can have a certain plane shape; it can be attached to a certain carrier or exist relatively independently. Generally speaking, in order to meet the viewing needs or decorative needs of a specific viewpoint, the prominent feature of the stone sculpture of the Marble Gazebo is the two-dimensional or planar characteristic after the compression of the body. The difference between the stone sculpture Marble Gazebo and the round sculpture lies in its relative flatness and three-dimensionality. Its spatial form is the so-called compressed space between the two-dimensional virtual space of the painting and the three-dimensional physical space of the round sculpture. 

Marble Stone Gazebo

The compression space limits the free development of the stone-shaped Marble Gazebo space. Under the background of the plane, the sense of solidity of the round sculpture is weakened, and the virtual and illusion in painting and perspective are more adopted and used for performance purposes. Compared with the sculpture, the sculpture Marble Gazebo deals with the relationship between space and form according to the principle of painting. However, in the pursuit of the central image of aesthetic imagery, Marble Stone Gazebo, and the round sculpture are exactly the same, and the different forms of manipulation show only some appearance characteristics. As one of the types of sculpture art, the stone sculpture Marble Gazebo first showed the general characteristics of sculpture art, that is, its aesthetic effect not only appeals to vision but also touch.