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Little knowledge about Carved Marble Fountain

Oct. 03, 2019

  Carved Marble Fountain, as its name suggests, refers to the artificial water spray equipment used to beautify the environment. It is a kind of sculpture shape, generally refers to the sculpture placed around or in the center of the fountain. The fountain sculpture has a very strong visual impact, which complements the spectacular scenery of the fountain, making the environment more fascinating. The fountain sculpture and fountain theme reflect each other, and it combines humanities knowledge such as sculpture art and environmental beautification. It is the first choice for people to take a group photo.

  There are many types of fountain sculptures, which can be roughly divided into the following categories.

  (1) Ordinary decorative fountain A fixed fountain consisting of various flower patterns.

  (2) Fountain combined with sculpture Fountain and sculpture, Stone Garden Fountain and other landscapes together.

  (3) Water sculpture The posture of various large water columns are formed by artificial and mechanical means to form a landscape.

  (4) Self-control fountains Using electronic technology, water, light, sound, color, etc. are controlled according to the design procedure to form a strange and changing landscape.

  (5) Other types In addition to the above types, there are also high fountains, dry fountains, stacked springs, musical fountains, running springs, jumping springs, floating fountains, Xiaopinquan, Yidongquan, music running springs, etc., which can also be formed by spraying. Unique water features.

Carved Marble Fountain

Carved Marble Fountain

  The water supply forms produced by fountain sculpture mainly include: DC water supply, water pump circulating water supply, submersible pump circulating water supply.

  The fountain nozzle is the main working part of the fountain art design. Its function is to put a certain pressure of water through the shaped nozzle to form a beautiful water spray and spray it over the water surface.

  A variety of different nozzle combinations can create a variety of waterscapes that are exciting, exciting, and produce fantastic artistic effects.

  There are many kinds of fountain nozzles. According to different structural forms, they can be divided into direct type, rotation, water film, suction, atomization, etc. According to the flower shape of the sprayed water, it can be divided into a dandelion, trumpet flower, morning glory, mushroom, Ice towers, open screens and spray nozzles are available in many types.

  With the application of light, electricity, sound and automatic control devices on the fountain, the appearance of musical fountains, geysers, laser fountains, etc., enriched the contents of the fountain, enriching people's visual and auditory feelings.

  The famous fountains in the history of our country, such as the Beijing Yuanmingyuan Dashuifa fountain group, the modern fountains on both sides of the Tiananmen Square in Beijing, and the temporary fountains on the Tiananmen Square on the National Day are very majestic, winning the praise and applause of Chinese and foreign tourists.

  Commonly used Marble Water Fountain Manufacturer, the common types are:

  One is to use the terrain or civil structure to imitate the natural landscape. Such as streams, waterfalls, lakes, aquariums, stops, falls, etc. These are more applications in traditional Chinese gardens.

  The second is completely dependent on the landscape fountain equipment. Various fountains such as musical fountains, program-controlled fountains, fountains, spray-dried land. This type of water feature has been widely used in the construction field only in recent years, but its development is very fast. The various aspects of waterscape engineering generally include the following aspects: civil pool body, pipeline valve system, power pump system, lighting system, etc.