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How to make a stone elephant?

Sep. 11, 2019

A stone elephant is an elephant carved out of stone. It is a kind of ornament often used in traditional Chinese architecture. It is seen in Chinese palaces, temples, pagodas, bridges, mansions, gardens and tombs. The available stones are azure ink jade, Xiaoyu, Burmese jade, white marble, ink jade, sandstone, marble, granite, silver-gray white stone, snow-white. The Outdoor Elephant Sculpture, which you often see, is placed outdoors.

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Stone Elephant Sculpture

The stone elephant you have seen, then how is it carved, and then let me explains it to everyone. First, you need the Stone Elephant Factory to make a model and photo of the elephant. Determine the size, choose the material from the factory's own and size it. The 22-ton heavy stone material made by the elephant was transported to the factory, and the two forklift trucks were loaded and unloaded with 15 tons of forklifts. The stone masters arranged the positioning, the size of each joint, and the shape. The stone elephant is sealed and the base is horizontally shaped. Next, the stone elephant factory arranged the outline of the elephant stone carving and slowly began to engrave the overall shape and style for modeling. The master of stone carving began to engrave the shape of the elephant. After hand-grinding, the craftsmanship of the stone elephant was gradually revealed. The carving of the stone carving factory requires the energy and effort of the master. The styling characteristics of the stone elephant are presented, compared with the drawings, and the second production. The second is to choose the engraving pattern, the elephant's shawl pattern selection, how to match, this is the test of the master's eyesight, but also a strong old factory with a strong connotation. The stone elephant made three times and modified the details. Completing the four-time production of stone elephants, this time is the key. The owner of the factory, the master will hand-pick the pen, modify the details, and complete the elephant's point, which is also the most important step. The stone elephant is made five times, and the polished light is modified to close the tail. The shape of the stone elephant is presented and completed and transported to the exhibition hall of the stone carving factory. Finished. These are the specific steps to make an elephant, and there are some caveats about it.

First of all, the choice of Stone Elephant Sculpture is more critical, you can choose the old manufacturers, large manufacturers. Stone elephant cleaning and protection, stone elephants are part of the landscape, and the viewing is strong, the image requirements are higher. Most of them are in outdoor plazas, often in the environment of wind, sun, and rain, and inevitably produce stone lesions, such as white, water spots, rust spots, corrosion and so on. Maintenance of stone elephants includes pre-protection and post-cleaning care. Pre-protection requires comprehensive protection during construction and installation. It is best to use the stone sealant and protective agent to seal and waterproof the stone surface. Post-cleaning treatment can use Baihua scavenger, water spot cleaning agent and rust remover to control Baihua water spots and rust spots. Indoor small stone carvings only need to do the early protection and daily dust removal. If the disease occurs, it is necessary to select the appropriate stone cleaning agent according to the type of lesion to treat the stone lesions.

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