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3 Main Factors Affecting The Price Of Sculpture

Mar. 14, 2019

In our daily life, sculpture can be an iconic ornamental in public places, or a small and medium-sized handicraft in our family. Carved Stone Sculpture can be an important modern product in our life and production, and this is a kind of Modern products with ornamental value, of course, we can also use it as a work of art. Products have different values in the eyes of different visitors. It is not the market that evaluates the value of products, but the value evaluation of products in the hearts of mass consumers. So what are the factors that affect the market price of the product? Let's listen to the introduction of Custom Marble Fireplace Manufacturer.

Manufactured Marble Memorial Archway/ Gate

1. Duration

As the saying goes, slow work is done, and some seemingly small pieces of sculpture are often valuable, but the reason behind it is that small pieces of sculpture are much more time-consuming than large pieces of sculpture. Therefore, the construction period is also one of the main factors affecting the price of the sculpture market. I believe that these time-consuming sculptures are unique.

2. Material

Even the sculptures are made of different materials. Some sculptures are made of thick materials. Some sculptures are made of thin materials. The sculptures with different thicknesses give different textures, and the thickness of the materials also affects the sculpture market. One of the main factors of the price.

3. Artistic value

The artistic value of sculpture also affects the market price of sculptures. The sculptures produced by the masters of the sculptures are not low in market price, but even if they are expensive, there are still many people who buy sculptures.