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Classification Of Stone Carvings

Apr. 11, 2019

As a Carved Stone Animals Manufacturer, let's talk about the types of stone carvings. In China, because stone carving has a long history, and stone carving materials, stone weathering, not easy to break, and the price is relatively low, it is widely circulated, is a relatively common sculpture.

However, because there are many types of stone carvings, we have not yet unified a classification to regulate the types of stone carvings. But in the stone carving world, in general, stone carving is divided into four types.

We can divide according to the purpose, can be divided according to the shape of the carving, can be divided according to the stone material, and can also be divided according to the processing tool. Each of the different classification criteria can be divided into a variety of stone carvings. For example, according to the purpose, we can be divided into ornamental, hanging and collecting stone craft jewelry, as well as grottoes and cliff stone carvings. Stone carvings in the cemetery. Palaces, mansions and garden stone carvings such as the Outdoor Marble Gazebo. Temple shrine, stone carving of the altar of the temple. Bridge stone carving. Such as the stone sculpture of Zhaozhou Bridge in Hebei, the stone lion on the Lugou Bridge in Beijing, and the stone carving of the archway. Tower building stone carving. Stone carvings. Characters and animal stone carvings. Life craft supplies stone carving. Modern urban gardens and memorial stone carvings. Such as large urban sculptures, garden sculptures and memorial sculptures.

Outdoor Marble Gazebo