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Character Stone Carving

Apr. 04, 2019

Stone carvings have a long history, and today stone carvings are still very popular. What is stone carving? As a Garden Stone Sculpture Manufacturer, let's talk about the character stone sculpture. Stone carving refers to the use of various carved and engraved stones to create a visual and touchable artistic image with a certain space, in order to reflect the social life, express the artist's aesthetic feelings, aesthetic feelings, aesthetic ideal art. The stone carvings are very rich, mainly including stone carvings, animal stone carvings, stone carving pavilions, stone carving tables and chairs, and so on. The most common one is the stone carving of the character. Here is a brief introduction to the character stone carving.

Character stone carving is divided into stone carvings of general figures and stone carvings of religious figures. The general character stone carving mainly refers to the stone carvings of the characters in reality, while the stone carvings of religious figures mainly refer to the stone carving Buddha statues.

General figures stone carvings: stone statues, stone statues, great figures, Western statues, ancient statues, etc. Such as Design Garden Stone Sculpture.

Religious figures: stone carving Guanyin, stone carving Maitreya Buddha, stone carving Sakyamuni, stone carving 18 Luohan and other stone carving Buddhist statues.

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